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About our cloud hosting service

We work with Microsoft Gold Partners and Rackspace to host the apps of our clients. Our web-based developed apps can be delivered as 'cloud-based' solutions. We want to serve our clients in every matter. If we are making your app, you should not be worried about the hosting of that app. You don't have to purchase, install or maintain a server. We are serving you with Rackspace a leading company in hosting. This service is beneficial as it is secure and easy for licensing. You will get high quality functionality with low cost, availability without interruption to your customers.

Scalability depends on your demand which means you can increase or decrease the server according the needs of traffic. Our services include:

  • high quality functionality and performance at a low cost
  • high availability – no calls from customers saying they can’t access your app
  • a hosting setup in our UK data centre
  • scalability – increase or decrease the number of servers you need according to traffic
  • a hassle and investment-free approach to software licensing

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