Safeguard your Mobile Enterprise and Staff.

Mobile device usage in office space has become ubiquitous. However, this trend is expected to accelerate as more and more businesses adopt remote work policies. At work, it’s rising. Accessing corporate resources from a private phone poses a significant risk to company security. Better World Technology can help develop a custom monitoring, access control, application management, and data protection strategy.

Management of Simple and Secure Mobile Devices

Employee flexibility and productivity increase when they can utilize mobile devices at work. By implementing a “bring your own device” plan, you can ensure that the appropriate laws and technological advancements safeguard company assets and enhance employee happiness.

Mobile Device Management by Green Softech

Employees desire constant access to business resources and applications. We find solutions to problems in the dynamic mobile environment with straightforward, adaptable solutions and transparent pricing. Keep employee devices secure and your resources safe.

Execute Remote Actions,
Including Remote Wipe
Mobile App Deployment,
Updating & Removal
App Configuration &
Policy Management
Remote View and Control
for Troubleshooting
Hardware & Application
Device & Data
Remote Configurations
Content Management
Policy Enforcement