Benefits of Managed WordPress

To make hosting simple, we’ve created the greatest WordPress options. You may concentrate on expanding your website while we take care of the hosting infrastructure. Learn why choosing us for your mission-critical WordPress sites is the best option.

The Ultimate Solution for WordPress Sites

Plugin Performance

Our clients inform us that we speed up their websites. Then we assist them in maintaining it that way. Every day, we'll monitor the performance of your website, recording and comparing it to the performance before and after plugin or theme modifications. Some service providers claim your website is slow. We explain why. Additionally, we give it away with every WordPress plan.

Auto Plugin

Even after we've had this capability available for you for two years, we're still astonished by how few managed hosts are helping you solve this problem. Because we create a backup copy of your website and test new plugin versions for you automatically each night, you will never have to worry about whether or not your website is running the most recent version again.

Advanced Auto-Fix for
Critical Issues

Woo-Commerce Automated Testing performs tests every night to make sure everything is always functional. And if it's not, our Woo-Commerce specialists are available to you around-the-clock. with a plan that has Woo-Commerce installed.

Enjoy Fast Website

Whether we're discussing Nginx, PHP 7, image compression, or our particular setups, our platform was created to demonstrate how performance is vital to our team. You've come to the right place if you're seeking blogs, businesses, courses, or membership sites that load quickly.

Free Migration of Site

There will be no downtime or additional costs associated with making the switch to Managed WordPress. Our automated tools and white-glove support will guarantee a smooth transition for your website. You'll always know what's happening without doing any work.

24/7 Expert Support

Making sure that you have the impression that you are our top priority is our number one priority. Our crew is familiar with WordPress, has extensive expertise in diagnosing performance issues, and will not let up until all of your issues have been resolved.