Built a High-Performance Platform and Dedicated to E-Commerce Stores

Sales Performance

The Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor provides you with vital information regarding the state of the revenue generated by your online business. You won't be taken by surprise if your store is suffering from impaired services or if there are problems with the payment processor. Our intelligence engine will alert you in the event that the sales at your store begin to decrease or vanish in a manner that is "abnormal" to the tendencies that have been seen at your particular store.

Plugin Performance

Furthermore, with the help of the Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor, you may identify potential store performance issues before they have a negative impact on sales. Every day, we'll record and compare how quickly your WordPress site loads before and after any modifications are made to the plugins or themes.

Fast Stores Designed
for Conversions

The vast majority of hosts have developed platforms that are fully compatible with cached WordPress websites. However, the content of your online store cannot be cached in the same manner. We have developed a system that will drastically cut down the amount of time it takes for your store to load.

Performance Tests
When You Need

When using a shared hosting service, some providers won't let you do speed testing for fear of impacting other sites. To order to make sure your site can handle heavy traffic, we've developed over 20 performance tests.

High Performance Under
Heavy Load

We've developed an alternative set of tables to hold order data, which decreases query loads by 95% and boosts your capacity by more than 75% (without increasing your plans).

Never Ignore Abandoned
Carts Again

We've partnered with the industry-leading WooCommerce abandoned cart solution provider, Recapture, so you can start recovering lost money right away.