Voice Services and Telephone Systems

We provide the telephone system to small and medium enterprises. Organizations of any kind can also get this facility. The technology which we are using, is IP service and by extension Basic Voice and SIP trunk services. By using these technologies we are able to provide our customers an uninterrupted connectivity. We are facilitating in Video Conferencing too, which is a necessary part of modern modes of communication. Video Conference now is an important source to connect the enterprises with their customers and suppliers.

Hosted VoIP/ SIP Trunk calls:

We are also a main supplier of SIP trunks. Our network uses an IP backbone, which ensures full connectivity of PSTN. SIP Trunks offer real benefits to any size of business and we can provide a solution tailored to meet the requirements of each customer.

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing has been turning out to be an important feature in this age of business competition and the enterprises need this feature for their business development as it allows them to communicate with each other, customers and suppliers etc. Therefore, we provide you with full video conferencing system as well.